Standard Rate

BoldMoves’ standard rate is $150 per hour (or $1200 per 8-hour day). As consultants, we absorb normal out-of-pocket expenses such as telephone, postage, supplies and equipment and space.

We do charge clients for exceptional expenses such as travel, donor searches or other specialized services required by the project. Any such costs are discussed in advance and incurred only after we receive approval. In addition, we ask our clients to pay any subcontractors directly.


We submit regular invoices documenting our hours and any unusual expenses.

Occasionally, we negotiate a monthly retainer which allows clients to easily budget and track the project’s expenses on an ongoing basis.

The monthly retainer encourages greater communication and coordination, as we work with clients to determine the best course of action for the coming month.

Project and Budget Monitoring

BoldMoves negotiates all fees in advance, based on the overall scope of work and anticipated duration of the project.

By setting up bi-weekly meetings with the project manager and other members of the project team, we can routinely monitor the workflow against the plan and make any adjustments in the work, schedule or fee structure needed.

Keeping Costs Low

BoldMoves strives to be efficient and effective, keeping our time at a minimum without sacrificing progress or excellence. To that end, BoldMoves urges its clients to provide staff for administrative details whenever possible, such as setting up appointments or arranging logistics for training sessions. This saves money and allows clients to deal directly with their partners and donors.

Limitations on Services

BoldMoves provides a variety of services, including preparing strong case statements; writing concept papers, letters of intent and meeting-seeking letters; identifying potential prospects; training and coaching staff, board and volunteers; and providing supportive tools and materials. It does not, however, make direct requests of prospective donors.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

BoldMoves is committed to making its clients happy by providing excellent service, fostering ongoing communication and ensuring that fundraising goals are achieved.

We are pleased to report that past clients have expressed a great deal of satisfaction with our work; however, if any issues should arise, we would work with you to make certain your concerns are met.